Dr. Renate Obud, Head of the Municipal Gallery Villach, 2007

Creativity is the innate power to create which is inherent in every human being and even more so in artistically creative people. In his abstract painting Rupert Rebernig chooses a way of expression based on feeling, inspiration and emotional experience. The same direction was supported by Kandinsky, Baumeister and Hartung in the first half of the 20thcentury. Rebernig explains, “to accomplish true and deep creativeness you have to bear in mind humility, working and patience. Listen to your inner voice, explore things in more depth and ask humbly what will come about. Everything superficial and spectacular must not influence my painting. It must remain an indispensable inner need.”By visiting Mediterranean countries Rupert Rebernig gathers impressions which reoccur bundled and depicted as “colorful atmosphere and inspired rhythm” in his work. This particular atmosphere and the light, for instance of Venice, are transformed by the inner mood of the painter and come to life in his art. Although his painting is based on J.W. Goethe’s theory of colors, on Kandinsky’s language of shape and color and on the color compositions of Johannes Itten its utter priority is to be emotional poetry. Sicily, the Triestinian Karst, the morbid beauty and melancholy of Venice, the interplay of light and color are Rupert Rebernig’s recurrent inspiration. The range of colors and the formal composition completed by a wildly expressive painting technique add a unique “inner sound” to every piece of art.

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