Claudio Martelli, publisher “arte&culture”, 1999

At the community hall of Albo Pretorio on Piazetta postica Austrian artist Rupert Rebernig presented a solo exhibition. In 1996 he had already shown other works in Villa Gruber in Duino in the region of Guglia. Rebernig is in close contact with resident artists of the “Septembergruppe” which also includes seven further Austrian and Italian painters among them the Monfalconese Girotto. Rebernig has been a frequent visitor to our city for study purposes. He has learned to capture the dominating light and atmosphere which have become part of his abstract art. It is mainly determined by the nature of these fascinating places offering a view of the Adriatic Sea covering the karst scenery like two lovers embracing. It is an embrace deeply touching our souls.With great skill he combines the soft mixture of blue shades, the golden red of sunsets and the color of the stones. He shares this sort of expressionism with many artists from Trieste and his home. His painting equals emotion; powerful and sensitive, without a doubt based on great skill and ingenious technique but still strongly influenced by his inner poetry. Being an expressive colorist Rebernig is able to create color transitions with effortless transparency. It is an intense and bright painting sometimes allowing figurative elements to shine through. This shows how much enthusiasm the Austrian painter puts in his work to transfer the formal aspects of his work into impressions of flickering polychromy. Through loss of perceptible forms his works of art become sleepy “landscapes of the soul”; particularly at the point where the perspective of nature and color become one, for instance in some of his blue and sky-blue ocean-inspired paintings.

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