Prof. Leo Mazakarini, author and publisher, Vienna 2001

Painting requires the ability to penetrate realities. Behind these realities the artist is able to find the real truth. The Carinthian artist Rupert Rebernig possesses this unique talent exceptionally: His acrylic paintings (a technique he has committed himself to and trusts in) fascinate by different light tones and shades of color. They are all abstractions and at all times psychographs of the creator of these works and his world; a very concrete world: for instance his Rome experience, his Sicily experience, his Venice experience. Through Rebernig’s imaginations we experience completely new, emotionally comprehensive journeys. “Venezia racconta” or also “Cannareggio” are prime examples of both his expressive and impressive language of shape. Common ground of these paintings is a dense, instantly appealing sensuality as well as the attraction towards a meditative perception of a dreamed-of space-time continuum. Rebernig discovered his innate talent later on in life and was therefore ready to make his way as a self-taught artist. Due to this circumstance his works of the last twenty years have become distinctively independent. Furthermore, not only are the paintings capable of having and living a life of their own but they also – seen as an oeuvre – form the basis of a mosaic-like growing together Opus magnum radiating both conspiracy and inspiration. Rebernig’s models are cities and landscapes. He uses his brush not only to depict these models but to see through them. By taking a closer look at these abstractions one might find even themselves in this parallel world. The paintings of this artist promote a dialogue. Everyone should open themselves up to this dialogue.

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